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[Translation] Kikumaru Eiji - Answer

I have to admit, I didn't really listen closely to the lyrics while I was first listening to this song. It wasn't until I started to write the kanji on my computer that I realized how, lyric-wise, this song actually really has a good meaning behind it. It really is the truth. I think everybody should give it a read rather than let me talk inspirational to you all. :3


君を悩ませる 愚かなクエスチョン
待ってれば未来はほら やって来るのに
追いかけるなんて なんだか変だよね

mondai wa nan no tame ni ganbatteru ka tte
kimi wo nayamaseru orokana kuesuchon
mattereba mirai wa hora yattekuru no ni
oikakeru nante nandaka hen da yo ne

You said, the question is, for what purpose do we do our best?
You'll make me worry about you - it's a stupid question.
If you wait, look at the future - it's coming, but,
Things like chasing after someone... it's a little strange, isn't it?

だけどフェンスの向こうにも 風が吹いてる

yume wo korogashita bokura no guraundo
dakedo fensu no mukou ni mo kaze ga fuiteru

The ground where we rolled up our dreams:
Even beyond the fence, the wind is blowing.

答えが出ないままでも どーでもいいよ
みんなと違っていても へーきでいいよ

kotae ga denai mama de mo dou demo ii yo
minna to chigatte ite mo heiki ii yo
tadashii ikikata nante kitto nai
kimi wa kimi de (O.K.) boku wa boku de (alright)
sore dake ga seikai

Even if there are no answers, it's not worth worrying about;
Even if everyone is different, it's alright to be unconcerned.
Surely there isn't such thing as a correct way of living.
You're you (okay), and I'm me (alright);
Just that is the correct answer.

見つけだすために 毎朝目を覚ます
寂しさやもどかしさも 僕らがいつか

toriaezu omoide yori daiji na mono wo
mitsukedasu tame ni maiasa me wo samasu
samishisa ya modokashisa mo bokura ga itsuka
shiawase no imi wo shiru tame aru no nara

First of all, rather than simply remininsing, in order to find what's important,
You've got to wake up every morning.
Even with loneliness and impatientness; we will, some day,
Know what the meaning of happiness is, if there is one.

君の信じるものすべて 真実なんだ

aoi sora no you ni jiyuu de ireba ii
kimi no shinjiru mono subete shinjitsu nan da

Like the blue sky, it's okay to do as you please;
Everything you believe in is the truth.

間違いだらけだっても どーでもいいよ
何かに迷っていても へーきでいいよ

machigai darake datte mo dou demo ii yo
nanka ni mayotteitemo heiki de ii yo
dare ni mo nitenai kokoro dakishimete
kimi wa kimi de (O.K.) boku wa boku de (alright)
itsudatte seikai

Even if something is filled with mistakes, it's not worth worrying about;
Even if you're puzzled by something, it's alright to be unconcerned.
Embrace your heart that's not similar to anyone elses';
You're you (okay), and I'm me (alright);
At any time, that is the correct answer.

一人で悲しまないで どんなときでも
隣で笑ってるから へーきでいてよ

hitori de kanashimanai de donna toki de mo
tonari de waratteru kara heiki de ite yo
betsubetsu no michi wo tatoe erande mo
kimi wa kimi de (O.K.) boku wa boku de (always)
kawaranai tomodachi
itsudatte seikai

No matter what time, don't regret anything by yourself;
'Cause I'm smiling beside you - you don't need to be concerned.
Even if we choose separate ways,
You're (okay), I'm me (always);
Your unchanging friend~
At any time, that is the correct answer.


sore dake ga seikai

Just that is the right answer.
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