March 11th, 2007

tezuka & ryoma // chomp

[Translation] Tezuka Kunimitsu/Echizen Ryoma - Arigatou

After sitting on this translation for about a month, I've finished polished it up for posting. <3 This song... makes me wibble and melt each time I listen to it. There's something about the... trueness of the lyrics, I guess you could say, that gets to me. I'm definitely most proud of this translation - I think it flows well, and it doesn't sound as awkward as a couple of the others I've done. I don't know whether that's because my Japanese is getting better, or what, but whatever it is, it's a nice feeling. Just like the feeling this song gives me. Hee. ♥ There are subtle changes of the lyrics between the parts that Tezuka sings, and the parts Ryoma sing in the chorus - they echo each other, and you can sort of feel the radiation of... pride coming from Tezuka as a result.

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