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Golden Ink

they stole my heart and ran away with it...

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Golden Ink;
...they stole my heart and ran away with it.

Hey there! You've stumbled upon goldenink, the community where kashewmoo stuffs her creativity rather than have it cluttering her personal journal, as well as making it much easier for archiving purposes.

Most of the stuff you'll find in this community is based upon my current fandom, Tennis no Oujisama - which completely and utterly owns my heart, and has for three years and counting - and typically revolves around the Oishi Syuichirou/Kikumaru Eiji relationship, aka, the Golden Pair, though it's also not rare for me to diverge into other pairings, either. You will find mostly fanfiction, RP logs (typically link621's endearing Oishi and Tezuka to bump our Golden Pair to a trio), translations of songs, and other random things I decide to post. Though, to be honest, most of the stuff I've been working on lately have been song translations.

The fanfiction/RP logs is usually of the yaoi genre, so if that squicks you out, then this is probably not the community for you.

Feel free to friend! I post at random (sometimes I'll go months without updating, and then suddenly be posting once a day), so keep checking back if you would like to see more. Also, you can find all past posts in the memories for easy access, and the character's involved will always be listed in the title. Enjoy!

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